As our tag line suggests, we help our clients from "requirement to procurement" while being the "saving partners" by bringing ease & transparency to the age-old procurement/purchase process.

World over, it's a ground rule that the most advisable & second best (first would always be the upside growth in core business of the company) way to strengthen the bottom line is by reducing the costs of both direct & in-direct procurements of the company. This is where there is huge need to re-look at all the flaws in the procurement/purchase process.

Tap2Trade is precisely that tool or a framework, which came into existence with single point agenda of bringing transparency, consistency by negating the lengthy & flawed processes, personal biases, corruption, skewed middlemen, geographical constraints & bureaucracy in purchase team, which are huge barriers in reducing the procurement costs & achieving seamless flow of transactions between companies and vendors.

The thought behind the idea of Tap2Trade is to have control over Spend using technology with the intention to assist organisations in taming their corporate spends.

We provide a complete solution which hands over the control to you so that you can decide for yourself. Next, you get full visibility of network providing you deserved transparency that drives accountability.

The bargaining power and control of the organisations are being compromised by not leveraging the power of technology. So, we created a platform which provides end-to end solution of 'requirement to procurement'

How Tap2Trade e-auction tool can help?

How Tap2Trade eBidding tool can help?

Web and Application based portal, easily accessible from laptop, mobile and tab with easily navigable features.

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Transparency
  • Generate Reports
  • Real Time Bidding
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatiable With All ERP's
  • Safe & Secure