Service Scope

The best feature of Tap2Trade is that it benefits buyers as well as sellers. We have come to refute this common notion that reverse e-biddings benefits only buyers by choking margins of vendors and getting best deal at the cost of their loss. Vendors and buyers must know their individual benefits in order to form a fruitful collaboration with each other.

We are here to throw light on the roles and service scope of buyers and sellers through our online e-bidding platform:


  • It lowers negotiating cycles for purchasing products.
  • Cut out all the possibilities of malpractices, corruption & leads to the discovery of best prices.
  • Increases reach by going beyond geographical barriers.
  • Vast possibilities of savings as the companies can compare the prices and procure from the most suitable vendor on the basis of price and quality.
  • Gives leverage to buyers by letting them choose their sellers.
  • Companies get more time for core business activities.


  • Saves lot of time for the vendors in the process of finalizing a deal.
  • It upgrades the market intelligence for every seller. Transparency of fair play in bidding
  • It allows sellers to represent themselves on a huge platform which increases their visibility, thus getting them more deals.
  • Vendors can get better prices as it eliminates the commissioned agents.
  • It ensures equal platform for bidding to all sellers. Vendors prosper by knowing the trending market rates
  • Vendors get more time to pitch more buyers as they need not waste time on unnecessary bargains.

Key Features

  • Web and application based portal, easily accessible from laptop, mobile and tab with easily navigable features.
  • Reverse as well as Forward biddings allow buyers and sellers to play dominant roles, thus ensuring market competitiveness and profit to both parties.
  • Simultaneous Multiple Biddings (SMR) can be scheduled. Companies may bid on any item or combination of items in each bidding round.
  • Bidding Scheduling - By allowing sellers to submit their bids prior to bidding which automatically begins on the scheduled day and time with a preset margin for bidding. The sellers will be kept informed via Tap2Trade app.
  • Items and Sub Item Bidding is available for wide range of products.
  • Log report available online which provides detailed event audit information which can be saved on the device by registered buyers and vendors.
  • Surrogate Bids are allowed in case the vendor is having technical issue at the time of bidding. Bids can be placed on behalf of the vendor(s).
  • Bidding Time can be modified as per the requirement.

Maximize Savings

Ensure substantial savings by pitching vendors against each other at real time, mitigating geographical constraints, and improving process consistency by reducing administrative costs.

Improve efficiency

Ensure compliances and cut Red-tapism by eliminating excessive formal regulations and bureaucratic interference, and the system of needing enormous and needless paperwork followed by tedious procedures before official biddings can be held.

Reduce cycle time

Speedup the process by eliminating middlemen and intermediaries. Quick sourcing and on the spot purchase saves lot of time. Administrative time of port related transactions is trimmed down from days to minutes.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Tap2Trade is accessible through both computers and mobiles which makes it the real game changer. Power of "Cloud Computing" boosts productivity, adoption & user motivation.

Better Accessibility

Tap2Trade is an app which can be accessed by all the registered users on mobile phones, tabs, laptops or any internet able device. Since it is web based application, compatible across all platforms, infrastructure and integration cost is almost nil.

On-site Consultation

Our well trained on-site Consultants will assist the clients in formulating bidding strategies, creating events & conducting biddings. They will empower the client with their well researched tips, tricks and strategies to discover the best price.


Tap2Trade helps clients accessing all past data & user-id logs for all kind of future use such as research, review and audit, while maintaining the trust & confidentiality of the subject.


It is our prime responsibility & moral biding to implement necessary security policies to protect the private information & any violation of trust & secrecy.


Every action taken on Tap2Trade is easily traceable as it creates log report which helps our clients to audit anything & everything done by any user, at any point & time.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Save time on inviting bids, evaluating offers and negotiations.
  • No scope of vendor favoritism & corruption.
  • Ensure greater transparency from purchase manager to management — everyone can view the process.
  • Cut out middlemen and agents and buy direct from vendors at the best prices and on the best terms.
  • Buy direct based on any or all parameter such as price, quality, delivery or reputation of vendor.
  • Get the benefit of rated and vetted vendors on Tap2Trade.
  • Saving cost on procurements will make your organization more competitive & profitable.

Eligibility Criteria for Buyers

Buyers have to match basic eligibility criteria:

  • Buyers must be running a reputed business and must have the requisite registration certificates.
  • Buyers must be end users of a product they buy for further process in their production line. Traders are not allowed to register as buyers.
  • Buyers will need to match eligibility criteria and register with Tap2Trade to buy license of the application before they can view bids and place orders.

Benefits for Vendors

  • Facility to deal direct with the company and decision makers eliminating the need of middlemen.
  • Sell in a fair & transparent manner.
  • Establish long term relationships with buyers.
  • Reach out to buyers across the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Vendors

Vendors must meet minimum eligibility criteria to use Tap2Trade platform:

  • Vendor must be in business for at least one year and must have TIN and other registration certificates.
  • Vendors need to register on Tap2trade to become a vendor and pay the requisite fees (if applicable) along with documents.
  • Vendors must be able to supply as per the needs of the buyer, once his bids are accepted & order being awarded. Commission agents are not eligible to register and sell on Tap2Trade.

Value Proposition
1. Effective Sourcing Solution:

  • Effective sourcing of vendors by finding, evaluating, classifying, enlisting and engaging them to obtain services and goods by an internet and cloud based streamlined process.
  • Effective category management by managing strategic business units, producing enhanced business results and focus on delivering consumer value to achieve substantial business improvements across consumers, distributers and vendors.
  • User Friendly App makes procurement process easy and smooth for both Buyers and Vendors.
  • Support – Real Time Assistance and Support for both Buyers and Vendors.

2. Spend Analysis Solution:

  • Streamlined process smoothes collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the intention of mitigating procurement costs, enhancing efficiency, and maintaining compliance.
  • Tap2Trade's goal is to provide full visibility and insight into your company's spending by analyzing your spend data, consolidating it at one place, and providing for extensive visibility into fresh company-wide trends and finding new saving opportunities by enabling them to make strategic decisions for better profits.

3. Effective Vendor Management:

  • Tap2Trade improves and maintains vendor connectivity by effectively managing communication with vendors in the form of business orders and their confirmation. Already integrated technological advances are integrated in our app which hands you over an effective tool to collaborate your portfolios with outstanding precision and security.
  • Tap2Trade offers you more when it comes to maintaining vendor network in successfully managing on boarding, registration, and connectivity by using a single and handy (easy-to-use) interface.
  • Vendor Onboard and Training – Our dedicated support-staff helps vendors in registration, gives training & provides real-time support & resolutions at the time of bidding and otherwise.

Major Industries

Tap2Trade business model is all encompassing, covering virtually every industry and business segment. It is the platform for manufacturers, industrial consumers and raw material supplies. Getting onto the Tap2Trade bandwagon brings benefits to businesses in each industry segment.

Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages

Food and Beverage industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the recent time. The companies dealing with this industry need to procure a wide range of products and materials at their office location/multiple sites. Empowered by Tap2Trade, a company will be in a position to procure all products in a transparent way at competitive rates after comparing prices from various vendors. It also negates the chance of overlapping of orders.


The logistic industry generally operates at various locations throughout the country. Tap2Trade integrates the procurement process across all locations and the management of the company can view it anywhere at any time. It also offers much convenience to the companies operating from single location. Tape2Trade results in significant reduction in cost and better deals. The streamlined process leaves no loophole any unethical practices during the procurement or sourcing.


Tap2Trade covers almost all manufacturing segments ranging from food to machinery, pharmaceuticals to textiles, chemicals to plastics and wood to electronics as well as raw materials for every segment. Use of this platform is a goldmine for vendors since they can deal direct with buyers in all manufacturing segments. Manufacturers can cut short process of purchase, get the best prices, and prompt services and authentic products from trusted vendors.

Real Estate Infrastructure Industry
Real Estate Infrastructure

Our solution caters to the real estate infrastructure industry by facilitating to procure materials for multiple sites through a streamlined process. As the vital link in the real estate infrastructure industry, Tap2Trade helps buyers find genuine and trusted vendors as well as get products or services at the best prices. Those who provide raw materials and inputs for this industry such as construction equipment manufacturers and manufacturers of inputs get direct access to end users without any middleman.

Automotive and Ancillaries Industry
Automotive and Ancillary

The automotive and ancillary industry segment will find Tap2Trade portal the perfect choice for manufacturers and end users to get together buy great products at best prices and prosper without any middleman. Manufacturers of automobiles can now find ancillary industries to meet their requirements. Ancillary manufacturers can now establish a direct pipeline with manufacturers and grow their business. This solution benefits both seller and buyer establish the best business relations based on best supply and purchase practices convenient to both of them.

Pharmaceuticals, Surgical and Healthcare
Pharmaceuticals, Surgical and Healthcare

Tap2Trade centralizes the procurement process through a real time price comparison and negotiation. It is the conduit that brings together manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, intermediates, surgical products, medical equipments, hospital equipments, healthcare products, health insurance and the manufacturers of inputs used in these industries. It brings together not only Indian but also global manufacturers/producers and end users like hospitals. Find, inquire, get quote and place order. It is as easy as that.

FMCG Industry

Through our solution, the FMCG companies can procure products at a single online negotiation place. Manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods can now sell their products to a wider, global audience. In addition, Tap2Trade is also the platform for vendors of inputs used in manufacturing of FMCG products and as such it benefits not only the vendors but also the manufactures of such products to get the best deal and cut out middlemen or unfair trade practices.

Hospitality Industry

Tap2Trade centralizes the procurement and purchasing process of all businesses/enterprises in the hospitality industry including hotels, guest houses, tourism, travel, catering, tour organizers, entertainment services, logistics, and destinations like theme parks, event planners and consultants who are all interconnected in one way or the other. By offering a common platform to meet, conduct business and build business relationships, it automates the procurement process of the industry.