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Welcome to the Tap2trade online FAQ pages. These pages are intended to provide you with efficient and effective reply for a variety of frequently asked questions. These
information are created by experts of Tap2trade team to provide you the best online guidance of our product and related questions. If after all this, you are still
having difficulties finding an answer to your question, please let us know. You can ask any additional questions or clarify your doubt with us at :

  1. What is eProcurement?

    eProcurement is a process of procuring the items electronically using internet. This facility drastically reduces the procurement cycle time and reduces most of the indirect costs and enhances transparency in procurement.

  2. What is eAuction/ eBidding/ online auction?

    An e-Auction is an electronic auction where Vendors bid online against each other to win a contract(s)

  3. What is a Reverse Auction

    A reverse auction is a competitive bidding event for line items and/or sub items. You may be asked to submit a "pre-bid" for items or subitems during a defined period, and will then be able to submit a final bid during the reverse auction period.

  4. What is RFx?

    RFX, in the strategic sourcing, is a catch-all term that captures all references to Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quote (RFQ).

  5. How to register with Tap2Tarde?

    To register as Vendor on Tap2Trade network click here. To take Tap2Trade service as Buyer please contact at

  6. How to login to Tap2Trade application?

    To login from mobile you can download our application from Google Playstore or you can login with the URL -

  7. How to verify email id

    To verify email id a vendor can send a verification link from tap2trade app to his email if and click on the link sent in the mail to his registered email id

  8. what is OTP

    OTP is a one time password which is valid for 30 minutes and is required to complete the mobile verification process

  9. Can I get OTP multiple times

    Yes you can get multiple OTP's but the OTP sent last will be the valid one to use

  10. Can I change my email id and mobile number once registered

    You cannot change your email id once verified but can change your mobile number in profile update section

  11. How to bid for multiple companies in Tap2Trade

    If a vendor get invite from more than one company he have the option to switch a company in Company Switch tab and can see list of all the companies he is registered with on Tap2Trade

  12. What is the system requirement to access Tap2Trade?

    There is no system requirement to access this application. It is a cloud based online application. All you need is an internet connection and you can use this application

  13. Can I access the application from different locations?

    User cannot multi login with same credentials at a given time, however can access the application from anywhere at a given point of time.

  14. How to retrieve password in Tap2Trade?

    If you have forgotten your password, click on forgot password link and provide your registered email id. A password reset link will be sent on your registered email id from where you can create your new password.

  15. Which internet browsers do Tap2Trade support?

    Tap2Tarde support Internet Explorer, Google Crome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

  16. Is it possible to edit my profile details post registration?

    Yes, you can edit your profile anytime, except the company name and email id with which you care registered.

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