Code Of Conduct For Buyers

Tap2Trade implements a strict code of conduct for buyers and buyers need to adhere to this code:

  • Buyers will place order only after due consideration of a bid and will not use the platform for price cutting or any unfair and unethical trade practice.
  • If there are any complaints about the product the buyer is expected to raise that directly with the vendor only.
  • Buyers are expected to obtain all clarifications about price, product specifications and delivery period as well as related issues prior to placing order.

Buyers must buy only for use in their production process, not to use this platform as a way to buy at a cheaper price and trade in the commodity.

Code Of Conduct For Vendors

Tap2Trade maintains highest standards of trade on its platform and emphasizes fair deals and transparency as well as ethics. Accordingly, vendors will adhere to a code of conduct that includes among others:

  • Vendors must offer only genuine products and components.
  • They must be able to supply from stock or within the promised delivery period.
  • Vendors must post only genuine description and it must be complete in all respects as regards specifications, delivery time, price and quantity. Vendors must adhere to their offer and must not indulge in any unethical or unfair practices such as delaying delivery on any excuse, asking for a price increase after order is confirmed and they must also make sure that products are checked prior to dispatch.
  • Vendors cannot engage in any unfair practices such as registering under multiple names, switch and bait or other tactics to gain unfair advantage and get unfair price advantage. Vendors may not quote prices that are not right such as quoting too low a price to cut out competition and then avoiding supply on specious excuses.

If vendor accepts and agrees to supply then he is bound to supply the specified products in the quantity, at the price and within the promised delivery period. Defaulters may become liable to disciplinary action unless they can submit valid reasons.

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