With the vision of Digital India, Indian market is transforming towards automation and automation cannot be completed without managing the procurement process electronically. In a highly competitive business environment, reducing cost of procurement is a top priority with reduced turnaround time for a business big or small. Tap2trade mobile and web eAuction helps in achieving the same and brings in transparency, increase compliance, reduces total cost of ownership and at the same time keeps the data safe & secure with the client. Through Tap2Trade reverse & forward eAuction client can manage vendors, discover price, reduces cost, saves time, and ultimately improves the Bottom line of the organization.

Key Features of Tap2Tarde eAuction:
a. Mobile & Web Based Secured Cloud Platform – Gives edge to both client and vendor to bid, monitor, analyze from anywhere
b. Reduces Cost – Through Tap2Tarde eAuction, buyer can get reduce cost by not just getting the lower price but overall reduction in Total cost of Ownership
c. Saves Time – Tap2Tarde eAuction helps in reducing the cycle time of the negotiation by bringing in all the qualified vendors on single platform at a given point of time.
d. Price Discovery – Tap2Tarde eAuction helps in discovering the better price from all participating vendors thus helps client in easy selection of vendor.
e. Transparency – Since all activities are being monitored online and each action generating the audit log, Tap2Trade eAuction helps in bringing in Transparency in the whole procurement process.
f. Reports – Easy to understand and customized MIS reports helps in comparison of data/ quotes from vendors.

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