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LOOKING FOR e-Procurement AND e-Auction SOLUTIONS? TIME TO CHOOSE ‘Make In India

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India is the land of immense knowledge and power and it is known for a fact that as of today, India has been a major role player in the process of invention and discoveries which have made the functioning of this world supper easy and smooth. But sadly our country remains the biggest sufferer of brainwashing and this is the reason why our nation is lagging behind.

Well, it is high time and luckily the nation has started realizing the importance of self development in the recent years and now, the energy has taken a right direction for its implementation on the betterment of nation and hence, the introduction of Make In India initiative. The Make In India campaign has been started by our Prime Minister understanding its importance for the betterment of the Indian economy.

When we talk about an economy, the involvement of business organizations becomes mandatory. Now, one of the major process that takes place in an organization whether an industrial one, a service one or a trading one for example, is of procurement. To which, the continuous development have turned it into e-Procurement. The e-Procurement initiative was introduced outside India providing with the options of e-bidding of online tenders where all the qualified bidders come forward thereby providing with the maximum choices for the organization ensuring the best prices and their best interest.

As we all know the Indian economy is full of a variety of earning standards and not every company can afford the conditions put forth by the big MNCs offering e-Procurement facility. Here, the chance for the Indian market has come up for going online and helping themselves by creating the technology on its own and providing the best for our economy’s growth. Tap2Trade is one such initiative taken under the influence of Make In India campaign providing with the e-Procurement and e-Auctions facility.

The question is that what is e-Procurement and e-Auction and how does it help?

Every organization or a company is in need of some direct or indirect product which is essential for them to produce their final product or deliver a service and for fulfilling that requirement there is a need for procurement of such supplies from the supplier base available in the market. For a single commodity, the number of suppliers present in the market are many and e-Procurement helps in choosing the best for the organization. With the help of e-Procurement all the information relating RFx can be gained online with the way of RFI (request for information), RFP (request for proposal) and RFQ (request for quotation). Here the tender details are provided online to the suppliers approved by the company and they start with providing information by RFI to the company.

If they qualify then they have to give a proposal by RFP involving detailed information about the product in need and finally provide with quotations by RFQ. Once the suppliers are qualified in the RFx process, here is when the role of e-Auction starts. e-Auctions basically provide with the online platform of an auction, which in this place is generally a reverse auction. e-Auction is something where the bidders come online, place their bids and the best bidder with best bid takes away the contract for the tender. There are two kinds of e-Auction, forward e-Auction and reverse e-Auction, in these cases mostly reverse e-Auction is of use where the least of all amounts wins as a bidder.

Tap2Trade has made it super simple for the process of e-Procurement and e-Auction to take place. Tap2Trade is one of the best initiatives for the Make In India process. It has hugely simplified the process of online tenders system. The team at Tap2Trade has ensured high efficiency with the most affordable prices promising the maximum reach in the Indian market.

Tap2Trade is also laid on the initiatives of Digital India and Start-up India. The makers aspire to achieve the reach of this technology by the medium of their application to every corner of the business industry specially targeting the small and medium scale industries as they form the maximum part of our economy and their growth and development matters a lot. In order for the whole nation to prosper, every industry would have to come forth and operate on the most advanced basis and this can only be possible if initiatives such as Make In India are taken with maximum seriousness.

Tap2Trade is here to play its part in making India better.