Privacy Policy

Tap2Trade welcomes you to its website and you are free to register and use this site subject to our privacy policy set out below read along with the terms of use described elsewhere.

  • Tap2trade is extremely conscious of the need to protect and keep secure personal details of its users. As such, it has taken measures at 3 levels to ensure confidentiality and security of personal data of users and subscribers. We have in place measures for online security, for offline security in our servers and physical as well as electronic security measures to ensure privacy and confidentiality of personal data is well maintained.
  • Personal data herein refers to the name, address, email address, contact data and bank data of users and subscribers of this site. Users must furnish these details at the time of registration. However, we assure users that such data is kept secure and safe but there are no guarantees given the nature of the internet.
  • We do not sell, disclose or make commercial use of personal data. We make use of personal details only in order to send updates and offers, for transactions and for interactions. We may use your data to carry out surveys and send email newsletters. We may, however, share data with service providers but they are bound by our NDA terms in order to ensure confidentiality. If we are required to disclose data by law we inform users before doing so.
  • If you are using Tap2Trade app then be aware that the app may require permission to access contacts or other functionalities in your Smartphone or portable device. However, apps do not share personal information but collect only generalized information about usage patterns with no personally identifiable data. If you are using an app please read the app's privacy policy that details usage.
  • User is in full control of his personal details. He can log in and modify any detail. Users can also get details modified by sending an email to us. Users can delete their accounts by sending an email from their registered email address to our email address and then all their data will be deleted from our systems.
  • Our site may place cookies on your system. Cookies gather some information regarding your browser usage pattern but cookies do not collect any other information from your system or track your usage except for how you use this site. Cookies are meant to personalize content delivery and speed up processes. If you wish you may disable cookies in your browser at the risk of reduced functionality.
  • Tap2Trade site may display ads and contents from third parties. We are not directly connected or affiliated with such sites. If users click through to such sites they do so at their risk and we are not liable for the outcomes. Please read their privacy policy before using their site.
  • We reserve the right to add to, amend, modify or delete any of the terms herein without any prior intimation. Please read before using this site.

Terms Of Use

Tap2Trade is legal owner of this site and offers it for use subject to terms of use described herein read with privacy policy described elsewhere.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older in order to use this site. If not, please leave.
  • Use of this site implies unconditional acceptance of all terms herein. If you do not agree please leave.
  • Site is offered "as is" with no implied guarantees about veracity of contents. There may be errors of omission or commission for which we are not responsible. Please check before use.
  • Users may only browse the site and make use of it as specified. They may not download or print any content. All contents are copyright.
  • Users use this site at their risk. We are not responsible for any virus, malware or Trojans that may infect the system. Please use suitable protection.
  • Site contains third party links. Clicking through to them is at risk of users. Tap2trade is not affiliated or connected with any such sites.
  • Users may not attempt to reverse engineer the site, attempt to hack it, and attempt to infect the site or attempt to access user accounts. This is unlawful and such users shall be banned besides being subject to legal action.
  • Users may register and use the Tap2trade platform for business transactions. Vendors may register and post their products and services. In all such cases they are required to be genuine, offer authentic products, give the right description and make no exaggerated claims. Wrongly describing a product or service will make users subject to suspension of their account. Vendors must be manufacturers of a product or authorized dealers. General traders are not allowed to use this facility.
  • Buyers must abide by terms agreed upon and use this tap2trade platform for genuine purchases not as a platform to conduct price surveys. Buyers must be end users of a product or service. Traders and commission agents are not permitted to register as buyers. If we find that buyer has furnished wrong information his account may be suspended.
  • Whether buying or selling, parties who register on this site are required to follow a fair ethical code of conduct to ensure reputation of this site is safeguarded and confidence of buyers or vendors is not shaken.
  • We offer this platform for buyers and vendors. We are not directly connected with buyer or vendor and are entirely neutral. As such we have no way of verifying content posted by either party. Users must carry out their checks and due diligence before making any financial commitment. We are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any loss arising from any such transaction made between the parties.
  • We do make efforts to find out if a party is genuine or not and vet parties that register on this site. But beyond that we are not guaranteeing any party that is registered as a user.
  • WE reserve the right to add to, amend, alter, modify or delete any of the terms herein without prior notice. Please check before using this site.
  • Disputes if any are subject to jurisdiction of courts of NCT of Delhi.