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Wish to get automated? TAP2TRADE network is here to help!

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Let’s start with the simple approach of understanding something, what do you understand by the term ‘Tap2Trade’? Well, it’s as simple as the name suggests, for real, it is simply tapping on a screen for the purpose of trading.

The world is thriving towards automation and digitalization. There is no business or organization that remains aloof from the striking of technology and all the companies want to adapt to technology, well that’s obvious, who doesn't?! But everything comes at a cost and it is not possible for all to afford the high end prices of technology. And this is exactly where the idea of Tap2Trade makers took birth.

Indian economy is full of diversity and not every business can afford the technology but considering the need for immense growth and ease in the management process Tap2Trade was formed promising the most affordable e-Procurement solutions or say the supply chain solutions.

The first question here is that why and where is the need for the Procurement solutions?

The time is gone when there were limited business houses with limited business suppliers and forming a supply chain wasn't that difficult. But, times have changed; the market is full of it and handling all the supply chain network manually isn't cakewalk anymore. Hence the need of e-Procurement solutions.

Tap2Trade is a mobile and web based application system which manages the entire ecosystem of “requirement to Procurement” in any organization. The management of every company or organization, whether a heavy machine industry, a service industry or a trading one, is always in need of some direct or indirect product from to meet their demands in their product or service delivery. Earlier the process involved contacting the suppliers, a formal proposal offer and acceptance, which didn't always, assured fair Procurement.

Now, Tap2Trade makes this process super easy by automating everything. Tap2Trade helps in complete management of the RFx and Auction processes enabling the companies or organization to get the best of deals and ensuring the best interest of the company. Tap2Trade provides with a platform where companies can call their suppliers to share information and have a closed bidding and give the contract to the one with the best prices. By the help of RFx management which includes RFI, RFP and RFQ i.e. Request for information, Request for Proposal and Request for Quotation, the company manages its Procurement. The process is a simple one where the company asks its suppliers to use the Tap2Trade dashboard for giving the required information in the first round which is the RFx. RFI and RFP are generally the prior process where all the necessary information regarding the credentials of a company and the product requirement are shared and if they qualify in both they have to give a quotation at RFQ. Sometime companies go directly for RFP where they call for both information & quotations. All of this process is managed online on web or on mobile with the help of the application i.e. Tap2Trade. Because of this, every supplier in the market gets a fair opportunity of providing with the best possible supplier support and even the company gets to know all the options it has, making the best interest of the company its priority.

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The next process is of negotiation via Auction where the company sends invite to the qualified suppliers to be present for a closed bidding which is a reverse auction that takes place online where suppliers bid in a competitive environment and whoever presents with the best bid gets the contract.

The whole system of e-Procurement solutions have made the system of supply chain management super easy. Tap2Trade has ensured that the whole Procurement process can be carried out with full efficiency and transparency confirming the best interest of an organization.

Tap2Trade is formed with a motive of providing the e-Procurement support to every possible industry whether small or big. The introduction of this technology has made the B2B business scenarios much better than how they used to be by cancelling out all the disadvantages of the manual process such as biased decisions, lack of options, bureaucracy, over-priced contracts, redundant process and so on. One of the main focus of Tap2Trade developers have been on our Prime Minister’s vision of automation where he wishes to digitalize our country with the help of his great initiatives taken, specially, Digital India, Make in India and Start-up India because of which Tap2Trade is willing to give maximum reach for the business houses to get the facility of e-Procurement.

Day by day, something is coming up in the market simplifying some or the other process taking a step further towards development but in order to develop the whole nation, it is important that the technology is made available and of reach to every citizen and that’s where initiatives like Tap2Trade come up and prove themselves to be the best of all.